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Lowder & McGill PLLC secures a $800,000 verdict

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2024 | Car Accidents

A major indicator of an attorney’s quality is how they achieve results for their clients. In a time when most personal injury cases end in a settlement, reaching a favorable verdict is rare. Lowder & McGill PLLC is happy to report we’ve achieved another great result for one of our clients.

In May, we won a verdict against State Farm Insurance for a significant amount in an uninsured motorist case. This outcome means our client has the help she needs to pay her bills and recover from the financial losses of the accident.

How uninsured motorist cases work in Kentucky

Uninsured motorists are a problem for people across the country, and while Kentucky mandates all drivers have insurance, not every driver complies. In these cases, people typically rely on their uninsured motorist insurance, which is not mandatory coverage in Kentucky.

If you have uninsured or underinsured motorist insurance, you would then file a claim with your insurance to cover the injuries. However, even though it is your insurance company, their goals remain the same: minimizing their costs by any available means.

In a significant injury case, they will seek to minimize the amount of available compensation to you. Our attorneys have fought for these claims for clients for years. We bring our attentiveness, care, and strength to each of our clients.

Were you hurt by an uninsured motorist?

Make no mistake, these are complex and frustrating cases. We are on your side throughout and will work hard for you to get the compensation and care you deserve for your injuries. Just because the responsible driver didn’t have insurance doesn’t mean you deserve to be in financial ruin.