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Can I sue for pain and suffering after a Kentucky car crash?

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2024 | Car Accidents

Motor vehicle collisions are more than disruptive and expensive. They can also be quite painful. Someone’s injuries could forever change the course of their life or might leave them in extreme misery until their condition improves.

The average person involved in a car wreck in Kentucky understands that they can file an insurance claim seeking reimbursement for lost wages, medical expenses and vehicle repair costs. They may feel less certain about their right to seek compensation for the pain and suffering caused by their injuries.

Can someone injured in a serious car crash hold a party responsible for the crash liable for the pain and suffering they have endured?

Kentucky does allow non-economic damages

Someone requesting compensation after a Kentucky car crash can ask for economic damages such as reimbursement for medical bills and the cost of replacing a vehicle. They can also seek compensation for non-economic losses, including their pain and suffering.

Unlike many other states, Kentucky does not have an arbitrary cap on the non-economic damages possible following a collision. Instead, plaintiffs must request a reasonable amount of pain and suffering compensation in addition to the other compensation requested in their lawsuits.

Factors including their personal contributions to the crash and the available insurance coverage may affect what someone receives in a personal injury lawsuit. The duration of their pain and suffering, the underlying cause of the car crash and the severity of their injuries can also influence the amount of pain and suffering compensation available.

In some cases, people may calculate a set amount of pain and suffering count compensation on a per diem basis. Someone in the hospital for three months might charge a specific amount per day until their life goes back to normal. Other times, people use the multiplier method to calculate pain and suffering compensation. They multiply the economic damages sought by a multiplier between one and five, with higher multipliers only applying to the worst injuries and most egregious misconduct by other drivers.

Those seeking to maximize compensation after a Kentucky car crash often require support while navigating the court system. Learning more about the damages available in a personal injury lawsuit may benefit those harmed by the misconduct of others in traffic.