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Recovering Compensation When Your Accident Involves An Uninsured Driver

Although Kentucky law requires motorists to carry insurance in the case of an accident, not all drivers follow the law. If you were injured in an accident and the other driver does not have insurance, you may feel confused about your next steps. At Lowder & McGill PLLC, our attorneys have years of experience representing clients in personal injury claims against uninsured or underinsured motorists in Bowling Green and throughout Warren County.

Our personal injury lawyers understand what you are going through. Not only do you face recovery from an injury, but you also have to worry about covering expensive medical bills and missing income from time off work. We will tailor a legal strategy that maximizes your injury claim and helps you obtain the compensation you need to move forward.

Explaining Kentucky Uninsured And Underinsured Motorist Coverage

Uninsured motorist coverage is part of your own car insurance policy that protects you when an at-fault driver does not have insurance coverage, or your accident was a hit-and-run.

Kentucky requires drivers to maintain liability coverage in case of an accident, however, if your injuries are extensive, the driver’s insurance company may not cover the entirety of your costs. Underinsured motorist coverage is also part of your car insurance policy. This coverage protects you when the at-fault driver’s coverage is insufficient to compensate you for the accident.

What To Do If The Driver That Hit You Is Uninsured

Immediately after your accident, you should obtain a police report, take photos of the accident and seek medical attention. You should also contact an experienced attorney as soon as possible to get started on your claim.

If an uninsured driver hits you, you still have options to recover the compensation you need to cover your expenses. If you have uninsured or underinsured coverage as part of your insurance policy, you can file a claim with your insurer. If you cannot obtain compensation from your insurance company, we can help you determine if a personal injury lawsuit will be your best option.

Let’s Discuss Your Options

Our personal injury attorneys at Lowder & McGill PLLC will be there for you through every step of the legal process. We will review your insurance policy, communicate with insurers and help you file a claim against the other driver. We accept personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis, meaning you never have to pay out-of-pocket costs for the legal assistance you need. To schedule a free initial consultation, call our Bowling Green office at (270) 255-3980 or complete our online contact form.