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Bluegrass blues: Why texting and driving is Kentucky’s road rage

On Behalf of | Jun 7, 2024 | Car Accidents

Kentucky’s roads are known for scenic beauty, but that beauty can turn dangerous with a quick glance at your phone. Distracted driving, especially texting, is the leading cause of car accidents in the state, causing needless injuries, fatalities and a whole lot of stress.

The texting trap: Why it’s so dangerous

Texting while driving creates a triple threat:

  • Visual distraction: You take your eyes off the road, missing crucial information like traffic signals or stopped vehicles.
  • Manual distraction: Your hands are occupied with the phone, making it difficult to steer or brake safely.
  • Cognitive distraction: Focusing on a text diverts your mental attention away from the act of driving itself.

Even a few seconds of texting can be catastrophic at highway speeds. In Kentucky, texting while driving is a primary offense, meaning police can pull you over solely for this behavior.

Protect yourself and others: Put the phone down

Here are some strategies to keep Kentucky’s roads safe:

  • Silence your phone: Turn off notifications or put your phone on silent mode while driving.
  • Use hands-free options: If you need to make a call, use Bluetooth or voice commands.
  • Pull over safely: If a text absolutely cannot wait, find a safe place to pull over completely before responding.
  • Be a passenger advocate: If you’re a passenger and see the driver texting, speak up and encourage them to pull over.

When you put your phone away and focus on driving, you can help everyone in the vehicle safely reach their destination.

Kentucky’s Hands-Free Law: The law is on your side

Kentucky’s “Hands-Free Law” prohibits non-hands-free use of mobile devices while operating a motor vehicle. A first offense comes with a fine of $189, increasing for subsequent offenses. More importantly, distracted driving puts everyone on the road at risk.

Enjoy the scenic drives Kentucky has to offer, but do so safely. Leave the texting for when you’re stopped and focus on the beautiful bluegrass scenery, not the screen in your hand.